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Specially designed for airport luggage packing

luggage wrapping machine

It can prevent the luggage damaged, and the exchange, the phenomenon such as breakage, thus protect the luggage in the transport process.

| — range of application — |

  • airport luggage wrapping machine


  • shopping mall luggage wrapping machine

    shopping malls

  • hotel luggage wrapping machine


  • arts luggage wrapping machine

    arts and crafts

| — main charateristic — |

luggage wrapping machine

luggage wrapping machine

luggage wrapping machine

  • one

    Using a
    wide range

  • two

    core control

  • three


  • four

    of operator

  • five



| — detailed information — |

Information on the Luggage Wrapping Machines

With the LLDPE stretching film as
the packing materials, this device
is professional in the packing and wrapping of luggage in the airport.

The packing cost will be reduced, a more convenient storage and transportation will be achieved and an easier recycle of the packing materials will be conducted with the application of the WP series luggage wrapping machines, thus ensuring a less polluted environment.

Airport luggage wrapping machine LP600F-L
Airport luggage wrapping machine LP600F-L

LP Luggage wrapper is designed to stretch wrap luggage and related items for secutity purposes in an airport setting. Film provides extra support while the luggage is being transport to protect them become damaged. Additionally , wrapped luggage can easily be separated and identified.

The machine is a movable and manually operated rotary turntable device use stretch film to wrap the luggage .The operator placed the luggage on the platform and adjusts vertical rods to secure bag according the luggage's size .Then begin the wrap process, the operator press start button on control panel pack the luggage by a 3 to 5 layers of stretch film.


Besides the basic stock packager, it. has produced various stretch wrapping machines in such types as cylinder paper/shade cloth, cable, plane and cylinder radial. We also produce other packagers for brown paper, EPE, the ordinary PE film, etc. Please contact the marketing department of our company for details.

| — Main Technical — |

Main Technical Index
of the LP Series

The voltage is must not < 200v and >240V. Please check the live wire, neutral wire and ground wire when connects.

Wrapping size: (180-350)mm Wx (400-800)mm Lx (300-600)mm Packing
≤100 kg
(special type
0.75kw 20A -1p
Inner Core
of the Film
76mm(3 inch) Working
20-40pcs/hour Revolting

Equipment Maintenance

Operator manually adjust the vertical rod to ensure the
safety of the goods smoothly.
  • one

    Load the goods stably and handle them slightly to avoid the distortion of the under-pan or the shortening of the life of the components.

  • two

    The height of the goods should not exceed the set one. Otherwise, the packing will be undermined.

  • three

    To ensure a normal operation, the electric cabinet should be closed tightly and the components and the joints of wiring should be cleaned and checked periodically.

| — Safety in the Use — |

  • 01

    Test on the voltage of the controlling panel of direct current generator and that o f the meg-powder arrester or between the PLC inputting point and the ground wire is prohibited.

  • 02

    Check and find whether there are less-crowdedness or fall-off in the joint between different components periodically during the normal performance of the machine. If any, restore them to their original.

  • 03

    Moving or removing the fixed upper or lower location-limiting block is prohibited.The rotating-plate of the machine should run clockwise.5.Standing or piling goods below the film system is strictly prohibited!

  • 04

    To avoid damaging the rubber roller or hurting the finger, do not put hand or other things into the film system when the roller is running!

  • 05

    To avoid any damage to the machine or any hurt on the people by the leakage, the ground wire connecting or the neutral wire connecting should be firm and reliable

  • 06

    The checking on the electrical equipment and its joints and the cleaning of the electric cabinet should be carried out periodically.

airport luggage wrapping machine airport luggage wrapping machine

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