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Continuous Band Sealer

Product Introduce

FRD900S sealing machine continuous band sealer machine is a new model of automatic plastic film sealing machine, which integrates color printing, sealing, continuous transmission of products.

FRD900S Continuous Band Sealer


with clean and bright pattern on the sealing part, color selectable, instant printing and instant dry, and convenient to change the characters.


FRD900S Continuous Band Sealer are used for increasing production speeds in semi automatic bag sealing applications,

Continuous Band Sealer Application


Most sealers are available hot roll or hot stamping printing coders, and a choice of powder coated metal alloys or stainless steel construction.

Sealer Operation

Sealer operation is extremely simple as the operator needs only to feed bags into the machine. The filled bags rest on a motorized conveyor belt while the top of the bag is carefully guided through the seal process by PTFE Bands.

Sealer Operation

The above pictures are only for reference as different product batch & specs.Please contact our sales staff for confirm.

Technical Parameters

Model 1.FRD-900S 2.FRD-900V 3.FRD-900
Power AC 220V/50HZ  110V/60HZ
Transmission power 5.50W
Sealing heating power 6.300*2W
Sealing speed 7.0-12 (0-6)m/min
Sealing width 8.8mm 10mm
Control Temp. 9.0-300(adjustable)
Distance from sealing center  to conveyor 10.10-40 11.150-270 12.10-40
Single film max thickness 13.≤0.08
Conveyor loading 14.≤3gs
Machine size 15.840*380*320mm 16.840*380*550mm 17.540*550*800mm
Net weight 18.32kg 19.37kg 20.40kg

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